Michel’le Says Bullet Fired By Dr. Dre At Her Barely Missed. Talks His Assault Of Dee Barnes (Video)

Singer Michel’le recently sat down with VladTV and opened up about her past relationship with super-producer Dr. Dre, revealing that she was not only severely beaten by the Compton beatsmith, but that in a fit of rage, he actually attempted to shoot her in their home.

After a discussion surrounding her son with Dre and his many other children, Michel’le reveals that after a night of partying, she and Dre got into a fight that became so heated, he went for his gun. The “No More Lies” singer then says she dodged the bullet by just inches after running into the bathroom, saying she knew his intentions were not to simply scare her with the gunshot, but to hit her. She also chose to leave the bullet lodged in the bathroom wall for a while just so he could see what he had done. She admits this was the only time he pulled a gun on her, but that the beatings were intense and it took a while for her to realize that there had to be something better for her out there.

Michel’le also shed light on Dre’s infamous run-in with TV personality Dee Barnes, saying Dre was upset over how Barnes’ 1990 interview with Ice Cube (who was at odds with NWA at the time) was edited, to where he appeared to diss his legendary group. After one-too-many, Dre saw her in a club and went after her. He followed her as she ran into the women’s bathroom and proceeded to beat her, not considering that the show’s editing was out of her hands.


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