Tsu Surf Talks Why He Wants To Battle Murda Mook

We recently got to chat with Tsu Surf about his new project “Newark” that is dropping on Friday.

Tsu was very humble during the interview. He talked with us about what to expect from the project, his respect for Fetty Wap, wanting to battle Murda Mook, & more.

Check out the full Q&A below:

Talk to us a little about your new project “Newark” and tell us what can we expect from this project?


First off, I think you should expect growth. That’s my biggest thing, I just try to grow with every project. My next biggest thing is the quality of the project. As long as I’m growing and I’m being me each time, I feel like I give a good product.

What is your favorite track from Newark?

Naturally, I would want to say my track with Jadakiss called “Loyalty.” Jada is my favorite rapper ever and being on a track with him is crazy. The track I have with Joe Budden is a 9 minute flamer. I don’t even think people rap like that anymore. I also have a lot of tracks of myself that I’m fond of.

Joe Budden has always been supportive of you. How did you two get in touch? 

It started because Joe’s people and my people had a problem and we was trying to get to the bottom of it. It all started with a sit down and we just kept building our relationship from that. Joe has always been supportive of me and what I do. It’s been love since day one. I’m about to start my second tour with Joe.

Whats it like when you two are in the studio?

I always try to kill him in the studio. Anybody I’m in the studio with, I’m tryna kill em.

It is known you’re a heavy weed smoker. Do you smoke everyday? Is that apart of your creative process?

It’s apart of my creative process but not for the purpose of actually creating. I use it to really just set the mood. I don’t ever want to become dependant on something to make my creative process going. I want it to come solely from me. If you’re doing drugs, you can’t let the drugs do you.


It wasn’t that long ago that you and Chief Keef had a little heated situation. You’ve actually shouted Chiraq in a few different songs. Do you plan on working with any Chicago artists?

I actually have a battle in Chicago coming up next month on November 21st. It will be my first time ever battling on tour. As far as artists, I rock with Kanye, Common, Lil Herb, & Lil Bibby. Lil Herb and I have actually been in contact. That is definitely someone I would be willing to work with. I usually don’t share my platform with many people. I could care less about fame or their name. Herb is someone I would work with for sure. He has his own sound and style.


Jersey seems to be having a good year with acts like you and Fetty Wap. How do you feel about Fetty’s success? Do you now him personally?

Me and Fetty is actually very familiar with each other. I literally watched Fetty pop. Fetty actually took a lot of weight off of my shoulders because Jersey never had many people at that level. He definitely gave us a light. He is opening door’s for a lot of cat’s here in Jersey. Hat’s off to the boy Fetty Wap.

Is there anyone you want to battle?

Murda Mook. There is no championship for battle rap. Mook is at the top of the battle league. Once I beat Mook, I’ve beat the game.

If you could battle any mainstream artists, who would it be?

Industry wise, I really don’t wanna battle no one in the industry. This is a different type of battle rap. If a person doesn’t battle rap consistently, I can rap circles around them.

Anything else?

Stay tuned and be sure to check out “Newark” when it drops on October 30th. If you paying attention, keep paying attention. If not, you need to catch up.

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