Freeway Ricky Recalls Being Sold $70,000 Worth of Cake Mix

It’s not easy being a super powerful drug dealer – just ask Freeway Ricky. The former kingpin had to deal with massive losses throughout his life because of the substance he sold, but in the end he’s chalked it all up to quite the learning experience.

Freeway Ricky was taught how to cook crack-cocaine by one of his “big homies,” a football player for San Jose State who he says is reminiscent of Tookie Williams. “Man, I got the next best thing,” Ricky remembers the dealer telling him. “I got the thing that everybody’s doing. Come by the house.” Once he got there, his friend “laid out some cocaine on the table,” and as we all know, the rest is history.

During this clip Ricky also admitted to trying his product at one point. “When I got up to an ounce and thought I was rich, my friends who were using had convinced me that I was rich enough to have a party a cocaine party and a marijuana party,” he recalled. “I had never smoked marijuana before, you know? I never drunk a beer, never smoked a cigarette, any of that. So I did for about a week straight and at the end of the week, not only was my throat stripped, but my wallet was broke. And I made a vow that I would never do it again.”

Watch on as Freeway Ricky details his drug deals with Nicaraguans, watching people become addicted to the drug, and being sold “$70,000 worth of cake mix” in a deal gone wrong in this engrossing exclusive.