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Pediko – Wolves In Sheep Clothing (Prod. by LinzPrag)

One of the few 90’s babies whom 80’s babies go crazy for, Pediko. Virgin Island offspring, Pediko has managed to capture a mainstream flavor while keeping an island twist. With his first single, Bush Tea Baby, he managed to capture the very essence. Now with his follow up single, Wolves in sheep clothing, Pediko goes directly for the throat of Young Jeezy’s bodyguard Ginjah Elmez, most notably remembered for snatching Rick Ross’s chain backstage at an Atlanta awards show. Pediko says ” It’s simple, he disrespected me and tried to intimidate me behind the CTE imprint and I’m bucking because I know bodyguards don’t cut checks.” Pedikos EP sequel, Live from the PoundHouse II will drop on 11/24/15 at 11:11am on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Pediko, from Nadir, a neighborhood in St. Thomas, Virgin Island where it’s said to have no suburbs and everything is ghetto. Where the Gucci store is fifty yards from the projects and yachts park within a stone throw of the slums. This private school educated, street savvy, lyricist with a Robin Hood mystique has been in the ears of a musical region on the rise. With names like Billboard topping acts such as R. City and acclaimed sound engineer, Lindsey Brathwaite, stamping their approval. Pediko has already taken the spot of the number one contender. The music has a different feel because the origin and background of his cadence is deeply rooted in reggae, calypso, and reggae-ton, while Hip-Hop bars and punches penetrate the soul. The ever goal setting Pediko starts with a simple one, ” It’s not the money, It’s not the cars, It’s not the fame. I want my brother in the Feds in GA to hear my music in his dorm without looking for it. It’s that simple.” The Caribbean is bringing their version of street flavor and Pediko is in the lead.

Pediko ft Nana Binghi – Bush Tea Baby (Video)