Hypno Carlito Says You Cant Judge “ChiRaq” From A 2 Min Trailer

Hypno Carlito is a rising Hip Hop star from the street’s of Chicago. Hypno was recently signed by Lil Durk to the rap label “OTF” which stands for “Only The Family.”

Since his deal only about 6 months ago, Carlito is really making a name for himself. He has laid down a solid foundation for himself and he has even been ghost writing for others.

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Hip Hops Revival recently caught up with Carlito and talked with him about what he has been working on lately. Hypno goes in depth with HHR about writing music for Spike Lee’s new movie “Chi-Raq,” the negative comments on the film, squashing his beef w/ Montana of 300, & more.

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HHR: What have you been doing since the last time we talked?

Hypno: I’ve been grinding and preparing for my project “Never Say Never.” I’ve been pushing it back because I want to make sure I give it my best. The full “Never Say Never” project will be out next week.

HHR: What do you think of the negative comments on the film?

Hypno: In my city, I think some people are bitter because it may not have been exactly what they wanted. They wanted the real killings, the murders, the real gangs, and I can’t blame them for that. You have to remember that Spike Lee is a genius and it always shows with his work. For us to judge him off of a 2 minute trailer is just unacceptable. I know this is going to be a great movie. Im not really focused on the negative, Im focused more on the positive. The movie is coming out no matter what anyone wants or thinks. Im proud of being apart of this.

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HHR: What happened between you and Twista on Twitter? Did you two get into it?

Hypno: I wouldn’t say we got into it but we had words. Twista was saying that Spike was just coming to the city and using us. All I was saying is, what is Twista doing for the city? If you care that much, do something for the people. Do something for us. Man I love Twista and I grew up buying his albums but Im just stating facts. I don’t have no beef with him, but it bothered me when I seen him talk like that. I seen people get checks from Spike Lee during the filming of the movie. What the movie did for Chicago, was give people hope.

HHR: How did you end up writing music for the movie?

Hypno: Man I was actually just chilling and hanging out. My homie Twin called me and asked me to come down to the studio and write some music. I got there and Nick Cannon walked out but he already had a group of writers there. I pretty much just came out the blue and came up with the music I wrote on spot. I recorded it and it sounded even better on wax. I told them that if they liked it, they would really like the other stuff because this was nothing compared to my other music. I seen them again on the actual movie set for “ChiRaq” while I was there being an extra. I told Nick that he needed to fuck with me and that I had a hit track called “Pray For My City.” I didn’t even have a song. I lied to him just so I could get him to say yes. We didn’t talk again until one day he was shooting in my hood. I had walked outside one morning and noticed Nick was on the block. I walked to him and told him that he needed to fuck with me. I had the hit. He finally gave in. I had to write the entire song from his trailer to the studio.

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HHR: Do you see yourself doing more movies?

Hypno: Yea I always wanted to act. I just never went for it because my focus is on music. It’s not gonna work if you tap into everything. If you tap into the same thing 1000 times, you have a better chance at hitting it. I would like to write movies, write records for movies, and do things like that for sure. Spike Lee has even told me he needed me to write for future soundtracks. That all would be cool.

HHR: How do you choose which opportunities are good and bad?

Hypno: One thing about me, I take every opportunity. No one can tell me which opportunity to take or which to not. You only get one shot. You can tell me it’s stupid and I still will do it. I don’t have no problem with working with ANY ONE in the game. I write all type’s of music and I’m very versatile. My love for music is real.

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HHR: How was tour for you? Do you have any rememberable stories?

Hypno: The whole tour I was tearing shit up but I had one show that was embarrassing for me. I think we were actually in Nebraska at the time. I came out on stage before Durk and the crowd was rocking with me, but I had the wrong selection of songs. The fan’s wanted Durk and some hard drill music and I was doing some real “Rap” type tracks. I felt the energy in the room getting bored and I knew the crowd wanted some drill music. I really didn’t think the people was feeling me and I threw the mic kinda and got off set. When we got back on the tour bus, everybody was trippin. Durk told me that I shouldn’t have done it and everyone else was snapping on me. My homie Lil Varney told me that it wasn’t that they was not feeling me, they was just listening. I was like damn.. and the next time that happened, I continued doing the show. I had to figure out that just because the crowd isn’t going crazy, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling it.

HHR: We seen where you and Montana of 300 ran into each other in Atlanta. What happened?


Hypno: (Laughs) That shit is funny to me man. I didn’t expect to see him. I was in the mall and had came out of a store and seen him. I was with DJ Bandz and my boy Jason at the time. Montana was probably with like 14 people. I instantly smiled and knew what was up. When it came to confrontation, Montana walked up to me alone. My boy Jason seen Montana and automatically was like “What The Fuck Is Up?” Montana was like “Naw, Im not on that, I want to talk to him, just me and him.” I looked at Montana and was like “Whats good?” I could tell he was coming at me correct and humble. He didn’t come at me like no hoe at all. We pulled to the side a little and talked. The problem me and Montana had was just rap. I have a lot of respect for Montana coming at me the way he did.

Anything else?

“Never Say Never” is dropping next week with or without the verses Im waiting on lol. Stay on the look out for Carlito, he aint going no where.