Chief Keef’s Label Files Suit Against His Manager

Rumor’s have been circulating that Chief Keef is in major trouble with his record label, FilmOn Ent. It was said that he was on probation with his label and that his new BMW was repossessed over the incident.

FilmOn is owned by billionaire David Alki and Keef has been signed with them since May 1, 2015. Alki has been very public with his love for Keef as a client but is disappointed with his recent decisions.


A source told Hip Hops Revival that Chief Keef was getting sued by his label for $1 million because of unauthorized music that had been released. HHR reached out to Alki and his representatives ourselves and got the inside scoop.

Turns out that the suit is not against Chief Keef, but against some of his associates. The complaint is against; Glo Gang manager “Peeda Pan”, producer’s; Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, DJ Holiday, and other well known companies.

There are 6 complaints in the interference complaint and they are: Inducing breach of contract, Intentional interference with contractual relations, Civil conspiracy conversion, Accounting and injunctive relief.

The suit is stating that the defendents went behind Keef’s labels back and handled business without them. In return of the unauthorized business deal’s the named defendants took part in, Keef’s label is asking for over a million dollars worth of compensation.

As of right now Chief Keef is still signed to FilmOn Ent.


Check out the official court documents attached as well as Chief Keef’s contact with FilmOn..