Montana & Talley of 300 – Gunz N Roses (Review)

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for..

After listening to “Gunz N Roses” quite a few times, we are impressed with the quality of each record.


We feel as if each track on the album had different vibes and that they clashed very well together.

The album’s intro “New Storm” start’s off the album with excitement. Montana goes in for over a minute and then Talley kicks in to finish the beat off.

Montana of 300 did his thing on this project. A lot of word play, swag, and potential, is what we heard from him. We feel like this was a great way for Talley of 300 to officially let people know he’s serious about music. Talley’s word play and flow on this project are very impressive and his hook game is crazy. Without a doubt, he held his own weight on this album.

If your a Hip Hop fan and you love bars, you have to check out track 10, “FGE Cypher.” The cypher consists of more artists from Montana & Talley’s squad “FGE.” No Fatigue & $avage both come with hard hitting verses following Montana & Talley.

The hooks on this album were great. There are so many dope tracks on this album. Our top 5 tracks would be: Them Games, Gas Mask, New Storm, FGE Cypher, and You Know.

The outro “Rock N Roll” is pretty dope and it actually has live guitar samples within the beat. This was pretty cool to us since the album is “Gunz and Roses.”

Overall, this project was dope. Can’t wait to hear more from both Montana & Talley of 300. If this is what they gave us for 2015, I’m sure 2016 is going to be great for both of them.

The album can now be purchased on iTunes.