Post Malone (Before He was Famous)

The title says it all, but the videos will do all of the explaining. Both show a young Post Malone obviously before fame, as he sings a song as part of a group called “Team Crafted” and in another covers a popular Bob Dylan Song. The first video is apparently a song dedicated to the game “Mine Craft” and its cult like following. The 2nd is a video of Post doing a cover of Bob Dylans “Don’t Think Twice” which was uploaded in 2013 from an account named “Austin Post”, nearly 2 years before his hit song “White Iverson” was in rotation. Some people see these videos as funny and weird, especially after Post Malone offered up a simple explanation about the first video being his “Alter Ego Leon DeChino” and for the 2nd video just plainly stating at 30 he wanted to be a “Country/Folk singer. I personally look at the situation as the kid just really loves making music of all kinds, isn’t avoiding questions on the subject, and being as truthful about the matter as we could have asked. (Watch the videos below and share your opinion in the comments section.)