Q&A – Joe Moore talks meeting Lil Wayne, touring, & more

Videographer Joe Moore has been working hard for the past few months. We recently got to conduct a new Q&A w/ him to find out what he’s been into and how he’s been doing.

Joe talked with us about connecting with 2 chainz, meeting Lil Wayne, touring, & more.

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What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

The last time we spoke, I was coming off of Durks 2nd tour “Remember My Name”, directly following that I went out to Atlanta and have been working full time for 2 Chainz. Being on the road full time and while at home working with Durk on his visuals and indie artists. So I’ve just been extremely busy.

You have been hitting the road heavy with 2 Chainz. How did you two link up?

Directly following the “Remember My Name” tour with Durk, I went out to Atlanta for the A3C festival to do video work with my bro PATisDOPE, he had set up interviews with all of the street execs artists (Young Dolph, Travis Porter, Skooly) which you can check out on his channel at From there I met Lacy Eakin who is Street Execs PR. She loved the work that I produced and introduced me to Charlie who is one of the owners of Street Execs. Charlie had let me know 2 Chainz was in need of a camera man, and they wanted me to go out on the road with him that weekend as a trial run to see if everything meshed together. Following that weekend I became his full time photographer/videographer.


What is it like being around him on a day to day basis?

Tit has to be one of the most humble, hard working and intelligent artists/individual I’ve been around. I can say that he is as successful as he is for a reason, his work ethic is ridiculous. Most nights when we’re on the road, we’ll go from a concert, to an after party and right into the studio following the after party. We just left Los Angeles last week where he was shooting the new season of “Most Expensivest Shit” so he was filming all day and then we’d have an after party & studio, we’d only get about 2-3 hrs of sleep. Being around him has also made me constantly step out of my comfort zone and step my work up to another level, he expects everyone around him to be the best at their specific job.

Is he has humble as he seems?

Definitely, you can see some of his interviews where he states that he treats the janitor the same way he’ll treat the CEO. And being around him constantly that is 100% true.

We also seen that you have been around Lil Wayne. What is he like in person?

The same as Tit (2 Chainz), humble, hard working and passionate about his craft. Blessed enough to be able to watch and work with/around two of the top artists in the game, he’s a cool guy. First time meeting him was in the studio at Hit Factory, the man really has a skatepark in the booth with him, he’ll rap, take a break hop on his board, skate for a few and walk right back to the mic and keep recording. His work ethic is on another level, so much that when he records now he’ll have two engineers during his session (one takes an 8 hour block and then the new engineer comes in for the next 8 hours). We all are going to be on the road for the “Collegrove” tour so that’ll be dope to experience.


Being that you’ve been busy on the road. Does that affect your relationship with Lil Durk?

Not at all, we’re both busy and still get the work done that needs to get done. I wasn’t able to go with him and the rest of the OTF fam for the “300 Days 300 Nights” tour, but we’ve shot three music videos and will be shooting a lot more visuals in the next couple of months. “If I Could” just released and we have the visual for “Trap House” featuring Young Dolph & Young Thug coming out soon as well! That’s my bro, he respects what I’m doing and progressing and wants me to win, so nothings changed except us both progressing!

Out of all the places you have been, do you have a favorite so far?

Well we’re going to Dubai in a couple of weeks for one week so I’ll say that will be my favorite after we go there haha. But as of right now, Los Angeles is my favorite place so far. The atmosphere and vibes that you get while being out there I’m able to be at my most creative space. New York & Miami are after that but LA for sure as of right now.

What have you learned within the last year of grinding?

You should be working EVERY DAY on your craft, you’ll get back what you put in. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and if you create a set of goals and stay persistent and just keep working hard everything else will fall into place. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true. Your success is determined by you and you alone, everything else is an excuse.


What would you tell a videographer who is trying to come up?

Same thing as previous question, set goals with deadlines, stay persistent and don’t allow any negativity to derail you from your goals and plans. Most people never truly believe in your vision and what you’re doing until it’s already been accomplished and being done. Everyone started somewhere and all it takes is one shot/opportunity.

Do you see your self ever putting the camera down?

This isn’t a hobby to me, this is my career and my passion. So I will always be involved with a camera in one way or another. I may not be physically holding a camera in the up coming years but I’ll be directing or editing if not operating a camera.

What do you have planned for the remainder of the year?

Collegrove tour coming up in the next couple of months, more music videos with Lil Durk and several other major artists! Continuing to tour with 2 Chainz and hopefully starting to work closer with Street Execs artists (Travis Porter, Skooly, Young Dolph) with the visuals.

Anything else?

Subscribe to my youtube channel; , follow me at @JoeMoore724 (All social media). Appreciate you all continuing to reach out and show support! Be sure to go cop 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne “Collegrove” album out now! (Online & in-stores). And if you see me at a concert, come up and say hey, love meeting and connecting with new people.