Get to know: Maui Max

Robert Williams, also known as “Maui Max” age 22, is an artist originally from Newark, NJ but is now based out of Atlanta, GA. By the age of 16, Maui discovered his passion for sports, but was also so drawn-in by the music he was listening to at the time, that he began to secretly write his own lyrics. By 2014, Maui decided to put out his first project titled, “Always Open” on Bandcamp, which gained a nice buzz locally with the sound of what he calls “car music” meaning a chill vibe with dope lyrics and definitely 4/20 friendly. By 2015, Maui would go on to release part two of his “Always Open” series which had the same vibe as the first however, the growth did not go unnoticed. Maui then had the idea to capitalize on his small but growing buzz and release a new single each Monday for 5 weeks and would go on to call it “Maui Mondays”. Now entering 2016, teaming with new management Schweinbeck LLC and Royal Reign Records, Maui has been everywhere in the Atlanta scene doing numerous weekly shows. Even taking his talents to SXSW this past March; he has now being acknowledged for his high energy performances. Maui is currently pushing his brand new single, “Still” and visual for “December 20th” which was premiered by Trill HD and placed on Worldstar. Now, with his name spreading throughout and beyond Atlanta, Maui wants to continue to help move the culture forward while bringing more of a modern-feel while taking his sound to a worldwide platform with no limits or boundaries.


HHR recently got the chance to conduct a Q&A with Maui and got to know him a little bit better as a person.

Check out the full Q&A below:

Explain who you are for those who may not know 

I’m Maui Max, 22 years of age, your neighborhood cool kid who just so happens to rap, a lot.

How did you first get your start in music?

Always had a love for music, where I’m from rap is just something we do for fun but I didn’t take myself serious until I saw the response from my features on my homies songs. They were really the rappers, I was just there for fun and everything sort of took a life of its own.

What was it like for you coming up in Newark NJ?

It’s a rough area but I was never involved in the street stuff, but I was around it enough to know about it. I witnessed a lot but I didn’t realize what type of environment I was in until I got older, my family was pretty much like any other family, moms and pops weren’t together but I still had them both so I knew right from wrong and I knew I wanted to be better, you’re only going to be involved in the negative things if you put yourself in that situation. I was always just cool with everybody so it saved me in many situations.


Is life different in ATL?

Very different, a lot more outlets, a lot more things to do, I fully found myself here.

How did you connect with Schweinbeck?

I was brought to her by somebody who’s like my big bro and just so happens to be one of her business partners, it would have never happened without him believing in where I was going and he felt like she could help take that to another level and he was right *lol*.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m piling tracks on top of tracks, getting better and better, thinking about a mixtape VERY soon, more like definitely .

What can we expect from that project?

Growth, a great body of work. This project I really want to push myself to a new level and separate myself. Definitely won’t be able to put it in a box as far as place or region. I’m in it to last a very long time. With the new music I’ve been making, I have a good feeling about this one especially because it will be my first official all around project .

Anything else?

Yes, legalize it.

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Twitter: @Mauimaxx