Caly Cal – Fidel

North Carolina rapper Caly Cal has also spent time in Florida. Known for its large Cuban Population, it is not uncommon for the rapper to know about former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Like “Fidel”, the rapper is preparing to takeover. However he’s looking to get control of the rap game, versus a country. Check out the video for “Fidel” here.


G BOY pt 3: Says Chief Keef & Famous Dex Were Supposed To Leave Chicago

Hip Hops Revival recently talked with GBoy MostRequested about who he is, what he does, and what he’s experienced while making art in the beautiful city of Chicago. Pt. 3

HHR discussed with GBoy about Chief Keef and Famous Dex leaving Chicago, & more.

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Twitter: @GBOY_



A Zae Production Talks New Films, Dropping Outta College, & More

Hip Hops Revival recently linked up for a one on one interview with A Zae Productions conducted by the one and only Jassy Rozay.

Zae talked with HHR about wanting to work on movies, dropping out of college, his pet-peeves about video inquiries, & more

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